White Sox Tickets

How it works:

The list below are all the open games that our current clients can pick from. You will recieve 2 tickets to White Sox home games with 2 Huntington Bank Stadium passes and free parking. Enjoy entry to world famous Levy restaurants, fine dining and service while taking in a breathtaking panoramic view of the field. The tickets are located in  section 132 of the ballpark just 17 rows behind home plate and one row behind the professional scouts! Once you find a game that you would like to go to please email Tiffany.Latko@LatkoWealth.com.


Last updated May 16th.

Date Day of week Time  Opponent
June 20 Monday 7:10 pm Blue Jays
June 21 Tuesday 7:10 pm Blue Jays
June 22 Wednesday 1:10 pm Blue Jays
July 6 Wednesday  1:10 pm Twins
July 7 Thursday 7:10 pm Tigers
August 1 Monday 7:10 pm Royals
August 3 Wednesday 1:10 pm Royals
August 18 Thrusday 1:10 pm Astros
August 30 Tuesday  7:10 pm Royals
August 31 Wednesday 7:10 pm Royals
September 1 Thrusday  1:10 pm Royals
September 13 Tuesday 7:10 pm Rockies
September 14 Wednesday 7:10 pm Rockies
September 20 Tuesday 7:10 pm Guardians
September 21 Wednesday 7:10 pm Guardians
September 22 Thursday 7:10 pm Guardians
September 25 Sunday 1:10pm Tigers
October 3 Monday 7:10 pm Tigers
October 4 Tuesday 7:10 pm Twins