White Sox Tickets

How it works: Pick from the available games below and Email your selections to Jonathan.Chinavong@LatkoWealth.com. Jonathan will transfer 2 game tickets, a parking permit and 2 passes to gain entrance into the Stadium Club (Your food cost is NOT included). Once they are transferred to your email you will have to accept the transfer and save them onto your personal device. If you need any assistance with accepting the transfer please give Jonathan a call at (815) 469-8887

















Day Date VS. Time
Thursday May, 9th Cleveland 6:40pm
Sunday May, 12th Cleveland 1:10pm
Monday May, 13th Washington 6:40pm
Tuesday May, 14th Washington 6:40pm
Thursday May, 23rd Baltimore 6:40pm
Monday May, 27th Toronto 1:10pm
Tuesday May, 28th Toronto 6:40pm
Wednesday May, 29th Toronto 6:40pm
Monday July, 8th Minnesota 7:10pm
Tuesday July, 9th Minnesota 7:10pm
Friday July, 26th Seattle 7:10pm
Monday July, 29th Kansas City 7:10pm
Monday August, 26th Detroit 7:10pm
Tuesday August, 27th Texas 7:10pm
Wednesday August, 28th  Texas 7:10pm
Thursday August, 29th Texas 1:10pm
Monday September, 9th Cleveland 6:40pm
Tuesday September, 10th Cleveland 6:40pm
Wednesday September, 11th Cleveland 1:10pm
Friday September, 13th Oakland 6:40pm
Sunday September, 15th Oakland 1:10pm
Tuesday September, 24th LA Angels 6:40pm