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Janice O. Latko

Janice O. Latko

Senior Marketing Associate

During my career, I have worked as a successful sales representative for Xerox Corporation, as an executive recruiter for the largest private search firm in Illinois, for various prestigious law firms and served at Northern Illinois University’s law department as Registrar, Placement Director and Alumni Relations. I hold a degree in Business Administration from Stephens College of Columbia, Missouri, an all-woman institution that prides itself on instilling confidence and competency in all endeavors. I am also active in Parkview Christian Church, in local community affairs, and in international missions to disadvantaged and underdeveloped nations.


  • Favorite food: Salmon
  • Best piece of financial advice received: Have a plan
  • Favorite quote: "nothing in life is permanent, be humble." 
  • If you could meet anyone, past or present, it would be: Jesus
  • Favorite book: Bible
  • Favorite movie: Radio
  • Favorite TV show: Entertainment Tonight 
  • What motivates you: Fairness
  • Favorite holiday: Christmas
  • Something on your bucket list: Visit Amalfi Cost in Ital
  • Place you’d most like to visit: Sweden 
  • Biggest accomplishment: My 2 Children