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David W. Latko

David W. Latko

Principal & Founder

Born into modest circumstances and raised in hard-working Hammond, Ind., David W. Latko entered Indiana University at age 16, graduated at age 20 with a B.S. in Education, and went on to earn dual Masters Degrees in Public Administration and Judicial Administration.

Initially, David pursued a career in the legal system, working in the courts before following his interest in investments into the financial world. His success there took him to a seat on the San Francisco Options Exchange, and then starting in 1981 to increasingly more prestigious positions in several of the world's premier “brand-name” financial firms.

Encouraged by this success, but chafing at those firms' ever-present emphasis on “sales-before-service,” in 1989 David set out on his own to create a financial-services company that mirrored his own philosophy: an emphasis not on the company’s own bottom-line, but based on the best interests of each individual’s unique needs and circumstances.

This new company would not depend on steering customers into “product-of-the-month” purchases, nor would it pressure customers into frequent “buy-and-sell” cycles to boost per-transaction commissions. Just as important, this new company would be responsive to its clients—listening to them, communicating with them clearly and frequently, caring about their lives and happiness … even when it wasn’t trying to sell them on some “new” approach or speculation.

This new company became Latko Wealth Management, Ltd. which today oversees tens of millions of dollars of clients assets. And it does so with the same philosophic approach with which David entered the business in 1981. The results have been clear: ongoing growth of the company, and such additional honors as being named a SmartVestor Pro in association with Dave Ramsay, talk-radio host and a national leader in the field of financial management and a five time Chicago Magazine Five Star Wealth Manager award recipient. 

Today, David remains the same man who once worked and studied on an 18-hour daily schedule—a hard-working attitude that many of his clients have shared in reaching their own success. He enjoys the rewards of a close-knit family with whom he now works in his company, a comfortable life and his own passions: writing his books, using his decade-long experience as a nationally broadcast talk-radio host to further his own financial research, delving the intricacies of today’s real estate market, and savoring his collection of fine automobiles.      

But his real reward is measured in the dignity and serenity his clients experience as a result of the advice, management and planning he provides to them.