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"David Latko's Money and More" - Radio Show

As host of the nationally broadcast talk-radio program, MONEY & MORE, I have interviewed many of the country’s most prominent figures in politics, economics and finance, literature and journalism— and frequently challenged their views with an expert’s eye and with the expertise he has obtained through more than three decades amid the perils of the real-world financial trenches he inhabits.    

Among some of the Money and More Show guests... 

Image result for steve forbes  Steve Forbes   Image result for neil cavuto  Neil Cavuto  Image result for newt gingrich  Newt Gingrich

    John Stossel    Image result for lou dobbs  Lou Dobbs   Image result for dick morris  Dick Morris 

Image result for ann coulter  Ann Coulter       Jack Welch               Image result for micheal medved  Michael Medved

Image result for jim rogers  Jim Rogers    Image result for juan williams  Juan Williams  Bernard Goldberg (@BernardGoldberg) | Twitter Bernard Goldberg

The Battle Of Two David's

Listen as I battle David Bach in 2006 just before the housing market meltdown on why renting may have been an investors better choice at that time...

David Latko and David Bach Battle by scott900